Outside of Akiko's career as a musician, she find most pleasure and happiness in cooking plant-based/macrobiotic food for friends and events!  

Akiko Sasaki comes from a family of good cooks and believers of home-cooked whole-foods meals. Her mother, a former chef, had Akiko assisting her in the kitchen at a very young age. Akiko spent much of her youth working at a Japanese restaurant, where her mother worked.

In 2009, Akiko began studying macrobiotic cooking. She received certification from the Strengthening Health Institute in 2014.

Akiko finds greatest pleasure cooking for people and events. She is often found in the kitchen cooking for events such as the Beverley Concert Series, assisting in the kitchen at the Strengthening Health Institute, or giving cooking exchanges with various friends and community members. An active community builder, Akiko loves hosting events that brings music, food, and people together.  With multiple projects on her hands, it can be difficult to stay up to date on all her activities, but you can see all her cooking projects on her blog  Peaceful Plates