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Akiko has found great fulfillment in teaching and has studied pedagogy with Carolyn Shaak, one of the leading piano teachers in the United States.  In addition to to maintaining the Forte>Piano Studio in New York City and Beacon, NY Akiko's passion and devotion to music education led her to develop music programs to help students find creativity and gain performing experience.  Akiko is the co-founder of Brooklyn's Musical Explorers, is former director and event coordinator of the Performing Pianists of New York and is the founder and Artistic Director of the Lyra Music Festival and Workshop at Smith College.  She is also a member of New York City's Associated Music Teachers LeagueMusic Teachers National Association, and Mu Phi Epsilon.

Forte>Piano Studio 

Study private piano lessons with Akiko in New York City or Beacon, NY.  www.FortePianoStudio.net  

Lyra Summer Music Workshop

Study Piano and Chamber Music with Akiko at the Lyra Summer Music Workshop -- a three week music intensive program at Smith College.  www.LyraMusic.org